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Street Scents with Lara Land

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Today we’re back in the hood with our neighbor and new friend, Lara Land.

She runs Land Yoga where she teaches Ashtanga for adults, Chloe the Yogi for kids, and she is Executive Director of Three and a Half Acres Yoga, a not-for-profit organization that uses yoga to empower communities. A BFA graduate of Boston University, when not traveling to Mysore, India she makes Harlem her home. She’s brought her skills to the neighborhood but keeps busy abroad as well, teaching HIV positive women and children and genocide survivors in Rwanda.  Lara finds plenty of time to keep very active right here in Harlem and recently organized her second Bollywood-theme fundraiser at Red Rooster to rescue children from human trafficking. We got lucky enough to steal some time for ourselves.

NB: Can you describe your personal style in a nutshell?

LL: I like to mix it up between classic style and things that are a little more bohemian. Always very feminine. Love heels!


NB: And because we have to ask, do you have a signature scent?

LL: Gardenia

NB: Where were you born?

LL: Hackensack, New Jersey

NB: Where do you live now an call home? ​

LL: Harlem


NB: What are your favorite things to eat and drink right now, whether here or abroad?

LL: I’m a salad girl. Since it’s end of summer I’m really into heirloom tomatoes at the moment. Love guacamole and anything avocado always. Warm soups in winter with carrot and ginger.

NB: What does your current home smell and taste like?​

LL: My current home is new so it has that a very fresh new smell to it. Also smells like Vanilla and citrus candles and tastes like coffee.

NB: What is your area of business?

LL: I am an Ashtanga yoga teacher and spiritual guide. My yoga shala is Land Yoga.

NB: How did you get into it?

LL: I found yoga through acting warm-ups at Boston University where I have my BFA in theatre studies.
NB: Does your work space or creative space have any scents associated with it?
LL: Sometimes incense. Nagchampa and Sandlewood and citrus and vanilla candles. Behind that the smell of clean.

NB: Are their certain scents that inspired you throughout your yoga journey?

LL: The smell of incense. Strangely the smell of trash burning is very India to me and I smell I oddly like. I like rosemary, lavender sometimes, peppermint for feet soaking, but overal grapefruit gardenia, and sandlewood. The smell of coffee ready is very yoga to me and the smell of chai. And wild flowers wafting outside.


NB: Where can we check you out! Any upcoming offers or events?

LL: Land Yoga website is My personal website is All our events are there. We have a labor day sale: $108 for a one month unlimited at Land Yoga!