Empressa by Penhaligon’s

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Empressa by Penhaligon’s

She is the girl in the full-cut swimsuit and the wide brimmed hat who suns herself little by little so that by September her skin is an even white gold while everyone else is red and peeling and mourning the end of summer.

She is the one who catches your eye in the afternoon when the breeze ruffles her skirt and she smiles into her cocktail. Is she blushing? Or does she secretly relish that whisper of wind across the back of her thighs?

At night she shimmers in strands of pearls and high-heeled suede. She is all too comfortable wrapped up in richness and she signals to the bartender with imperial charm. Even dressed in nothing but the scent of peach roses and poplin she cannot shed this air of royalty. And that is why she goes upstairs with you. That is why she lets you tear off her antique lace and pull her hair. She will let you rein her for once. At least until the morning.

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