Our Story

Annie and Suzanne

Annie and Suzanne first met in 2003 while studying abroad in Rome. Over glasses of saline-scented Vermentino they soon realized that among other earthly delights they shared a love for all things fragrant. Incidentally the happy happenstance of their encounter coincided  with the launch of Bvlgari’s Omnia. The sloping cognac-colored glass bottles with their half-moon cap oozed sensuality. They had to know what was inside.

One afternoon they stole away from class and into a tiny perfume shop to sample it. A stern older lady spritzed their wrists and held tight to the bottle while they effused over its exotic notes of spices and dried fig in their elementary Italian, mistaking one word for a quite inappropriate other one, and eliciting disapproving scowls from the proprietor.

Six years later they reunited stateside in New York City, itself an olfactory dichotomy of paradise and inferno on the same block. They explored it together over a newfound fascination for wine. Annie, now a certified sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) and the founder of DiVino, and  Suzanne, a WSET advanced certificate holder, and wine consultant, toured the New York City’s finest wine cellars marveling at notes of gravel, graphite and lemon leaves and exchanging samples of their new fragrance finds.

When words alone failed to evoke their impressions they turned to images, music, flavors and feelings. Annie even rediscovered her bellydancing moves after opening a bottle of Shiraz! It turned out to be quite the Syrah wine review that cold, wintry night…

NEZBAR embodies the spirit of their friendship, unabashed and expressive. A joyful celebration of our forgotten and most carnal sense. A convergence of all things aromatic from luxurious eau de parfum to local artisan creations in an ode to their beloved city.

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