NEZ: (Pronounced, NAY), from the French, NEZ, which means both ‘nose’ and ‘creator of perfume.’


BAR: a convivial space designed to bring people together over aromatic and fragrant beverages like espresso, tea and aperitifs.  A meeting place and a ritual.

OUR MISSION: To expand the vocabulary currently in use with regard to all things fragrant, starting with perfume and the occasional wine and cocktail review.

As our most visceral sense, olfaction is at once deeply personal and completely ordinary. Humans have evolved away from scent, yet it affects us every day and we take it for granted.  The only sense directly linked to the hippocampus, our sense of smell not only tells us where we are and who we’re with, but is capable of taking us back to places we have been before.

We’re currently experiencing a sort of olfactory renaissance. Niche perfumery is on the rise and the sommelier world has expanded to include not only wine, but also beer, cheese, bourbon and coffee.  Despite this recent sensory surge, the terminology in use feels more alienating than inclusive.

We believe in a more comprehensive way of communicating smells.  Take our co-founder, Annie‘s musical wine review of Brazilian sparkling wine, Cave Geisse. Our goal is to express the feeling and experience of scent. We call it “multisensory storytelling,” and this is just the beginning.