Clinique, Aromatics Elixir












Clinique, Aromatics Elixer

This is one of those memories you feel like curling up into, like the cushions of your grandmother’s couch in 1975, upholstered in a shade of velvet somewhere between yellow and gold that to a child reads absolute luxury.

A few years later your first gold chain sparkles around your neck with little flower charms. You are a woman now, with two digits in your age and curves all over your body. But perfume is still for mothers and love isn’t dangerous yet.

Your first trip to Paris and your first heartbreak happen in the same summer. You learn to yearn for the past and put a color to this feeling called nostalgia, that last light of the day that casts entire cities in a cinematic glow.

You know that there is no going back, but time and space exist in other ways in more intimate places. Sometimes you close your eyes and inhale and a pixelated past comes rushing back and falls around you like dust in a sunbeam.


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