Street Scents

Street Scents with Carlos J Powell AKA Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

This week we caught up with veritable Renaissance man and native New Yorker, Carlos J Powell, known among his devotees in the perfume world as Brooklyn Fragrance Lover. That certainly sums up one aspect of this joyful and fascinating man, who, when not maintaining his Youtube channel with perfume reviews (underscored with original music to boot), gets busy in the kitchen, and behind the camera lens.  We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes out of his day and find out what a day in the life of Carlos looks and smells like.

NB: Can you describe your personal style in a nutshell?

CJP: An artistic fun-loving guy who is truly a kid at heart.

NB: With your extensive collection and access to both mainstream and niche fragrances, do you happen to have a signature scent? 

CJP: Tom Ford, Black Orchid.

NB: ​Where were you born?

CJP: In New York City.

NB: Where do you live now? Where do you call home? ​

CJP: Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.


NB: Getting back to scent, what are some of your most cherished scent memories?

CJP: The many cherished friendships I’ve made on Facebook, including yourself. Running my Facebook group Peace Love Perfume. Being the subject of articles with The Goodsmellas in The London Sunday Times and Elle Magazine.

NB: So tell us, we know your signature is Black Orchid, and I happen to know that you love gourmand fragrances, aka olfactory desserts, but what are your favorite things to eat and drink right now?

CJP: It’s never a bad time to eat Buffalo wings! Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love eggs. Scotch and diet ginger ale. You didn’t ask, but I’m also an excellent cook.

​NB: Combining all that love for fragrance and food, what does your current home smell and taste like?​

CJP: Like a melange of a million different perfumes, candles, and incense. Taste? I have no answer.

NB: You were the first person I wanted to meet from the fragrance world, in fact, I think I said those exact words when I approached you at a launch party at Twisted Lily, but can you tell everyone a little more about your “day job”, also where we can find your reviews?

CJP: I’ve worked for a company called Lester’s for 26 years as of March 1st. Twentyof those years as a multi-location children’s shoe buyer. My blog and YouTube channel is called Brooklyn Fragrance Lover.

NB: How did you get into fragrance? What inspired you to become a YouTube personality?

CJP: I’ve been into fragrance as far back as I can remember. A friend from middle school that I recently reconnected with told me I used to bathe in cologne back then. I really don’t remember that, lol. I’m often told that my passion for perfume is infectious. Becoming  a fragrance reviewer was just a natural progression. My platform got its start with The Goodsmellas, but I started branching out on my own on September of 2014. My first official solo video video on BFL was published on September 12, 2014 and I had less than a hundred subscribers. Now almost a year later I’ve reached 1800 subscribers, and hopefully 10, 000 one day. A man can dream, can’t he?

NB: Watching Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, we get a window into your home,  does your work space have any scents associated with it?

CJP: My studio apartment is my work space. I keep a lot of fragrant incense around but rarely burn it because of my cats Jean et Claude. Good incense has an aroma even unburned.

NB: Are their certain scents that inspired you throughout different stages of your life?

CJP: As I said earlier, I’ve been into fragrance since I was a teen. The perfume line that changed my life was Tom Ford, notably the Private Blend Collection. My first bottle was Black Violet in 2008. Amber Absolute is without a doubt in my personal top 3 of all time.

unnamed-1NB: Thank you Carlos! Where can we check you out?

CJP: You can check me out on a profile at Nezbar (wink wink). You can follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.