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Promise Cabernet 2013

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Promise Cabernet 2013

On our wedding day you vowed to love and cherish me in sickness and in health.

Love is easy when nothing hurts.

You stood by and watched me aspire to star-like heights. And when you noticed that all that climbing was starting to destroy me you took my hand and invited me back down to earth.

Now it is the vines that climb, nurtured by a generous sun and soil. Even with my feet on the ground it is balance that I seek in the vineyard and the cellar. When I walk the rows to pluck the sweetest fruit and crush each berry, harmony is my goal.

Here, surrounded by toasted wood from a faraway land, I understand that my terroir begins there, before I ever existed and that my story—our story—flows from every bottle, rich and life-giving like the blood of my beating heart the moment you said yes.




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