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Val da Lenda Ribeira Sacra Año 2014

ribiera plunge

stoney hillside vines

Robert Hruzek - pomegranate

leaf on stones

German Cosmen


blackberries photo Ann Dornfeld

velvet gold red

Val da Lenda Ribeira Sacra Año 2014

Shut your eyes and listen to the wind and the rain. Their story echoes across the canyons. It rustles the leaves and rushes down the mountainside to fall softly on the estuaries where it will find its way to sea just like it has for fifty years or more. Dip your lips in velvet and taste the red and resilient fruit. Quench your curiosity with dusty pomegranate. Resigned to time, its rebel heart beats at the back of your throat, a quiet call to live a little closer to the edge.